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KJU Pas laptopWith KJU PASS (Q PASS) you will be able to match the professional development of your employees with the desired development of the department or the entire organization. Through a transparent dialogue, in which the personal ambition of each employee is matched with the ambition of the department. Based on verifiable behavior or other facts.

KJU PASS also provides an ambitious personal training advice (que’s) that takes into account the possibilities of your organization. In this way, KJU PASS connects the collective personal ambition with the department’s developmental needs and clearly portrays the differences between employees and the department or organization.

KJU PASS is the method of alignment within the organization development. Top down development needs and bottom up defined individual ambitions meet each other in a clear framework.

For healthcare, we have based the system on the 7 roles of the Canmeds. For other sectors, this is still under development.