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information system for  (dementia) networksInformation system for (dementia) networks

With Tracks, you’ll be able to follow the developments around the client in the network. Made for the case manager within a dementia network, Tracks offers various possibilities for capturing the care plan and the agreements within it, following the implementation and conducting digital consultation. You can also justify the use of the care. Tracks also offers plan support and route planning. Tracks is especially suitable for networks in which multiple organizations (each with their own systems) work together. If necessary, Tracks can be linked to the most common EPDs in HISs.

Tracks has the following functionalities:

  • Add new clients including all necessary information necessary for the care course
  • Tracking of the indication
  • Tracking the progress of the client
  • Add additional documents
  • Coupling with GP / Registrar
  • Link client to care supervisor
  • Time registration
  • Activity Registration
  • Client overview
  • Export of client data
  • Special login for administrator
  • Audit trail
  • Secure and encrypted storage

Tracks has been developed in collaboration with the “Network Dementie Eindhoven en Omstreken” and has proven its value in practice.